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It’s Not Just Another Bean Bag Chair
It’s a Foof Chair

PromoAt first glance the Foof Chair appears to be a bean bag chair. But nothing could be further from the truth. Take a seat and odds are you’ll stay there for a long, long time—talk about comfortable furniture! Foof Chairs are exceptionally comfortable.

Bean bags of yesteryear were filled with polystyrene beans which were stiff and crushable. They had to be refilled frequently to maintain their fullness. Foof Chairs, on the other hand, are filled with a patented, shredded urethane foam. Similar to the foam that’s used in sofas—only shredded for maximum comfort. They never lose their fullness and never have to be refilled. When you sit in a Foof Chair it conforms to your body. That means there are no pressure points. It’s like sitting on a soft, fluffy cloud.

Foof Chairs are great for relaxing, napping, cuddling, playing video games, watching TV, and just plain fun. It’s the perfect furniture for your living room, theater room, play room, kid’s room, dorm room, just about any room.

Low Price Guarantee Choices, Choices, Choices. . .
The Foof Chair comes in seven sizes from the really big, giant XXL size at 7 feet across that holds up to 3 adults to the XSmall size at 2 feet across for your child. Additionally, there are a few variations on the product like the mini kid’s sofa called the Tink Chair. We also have a floor rocker, an ottoman, and sports themed Foof Chairs, a baseball, football, soccer ball, and basketball. Kids love them, teenagers love them, college students love them, and you will too.

There's a multitude of fabric types and colors available including twill, denim, velvet, microfiber suede, leather, and fluffy. No brick-and-mortar store could possibly carry all the products with every fabric option, so the Internet is the perfect way to purchase these products in order to get just the product size you want in the fabric you want.

Shipping is FREE!
Hey, did we mention that Shipping is Free--nada, zip, nothin’ on every order? That’s right FREE!

What about pricing?
Well, look around the Internet and you’ll see that there are some competing products. But, if you compare closely, you’ll see that the Foof Chair offers the absolute best value. It’s high quality furniture at a great price. It’s what we call inexpensive, NOT cheap furniture.

Maybe you’ve seen the competing products at the mall. Typically, pricing at mall stores for foam-filled bean bag chairs is about DOUBLE the price of Foof Chairs ordered from our site. Why? Because those guys have to pay a LOT for the cutesy mall store presence. Employees, utilities and big, mall lease payments all add up to an overpriced product. But not here at Order from and the product ships directly from the manufacturer and comes to your door. Nothing could be easier.

Where to Buy?
So if you want to know where to buy a Foof Chair, this is it. We know you have many choices of where to purchase, but our goal is to offer the best service and pricing on the Internet. Try us out. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, your money will be fully refunded*.

Still Can’t Decide?
Need another reason to buy from us instead of the mall store? Our selection is HUGE! We have seven sizes in over 60 types of fabrics. That’s 420 different combinations. No mall store could possibly have the huge selection we do. You’ll get exactly the size you want, from the extra-extra-large sofa to small, the perfect size for any child, in the fabric you want.

XXL Foof Chair XL Foof Chair King Foof Chair Large Foof Chair Medium Foof Chair Small Foof Chair XSmall Foof Chair
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